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How to get Android O’s notification badges with Nova Launcher


The Android O beta program is off and running, but that is only available for a (relative) handful of users. That means that many of us are still left wanting the new features that Google is offering with Android. The beauty of Android is the fact that we are able to customize it to our heart’s content, and developers are able to bring features to our devices a bit early.

Nova Launcher is one of the apps that always tries to stay on top of things, and has released a new version of the beta app. This update includes the new notification badges that were introduced with Android O.


  • 5.2-beta1 May 25
  • Dots! Android O style notification badges
  • Round searchbar style
  • Performance improvements
  • Minor fixes for Android O

In order to activate these, you’ll need to opt into the Nova Launcher beta, which you can do via the button below. Once you are in, you’ll have to wait for the latest beta to download on your device, and then you can start having fun.

As for how to activate these new Android O notification badges, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Nova Settings
  2. Notification Badges
  3. Choose A Style
    • Select Dots
  4. Select Position and Size of the Dots
  5. Profit

Now, it’s very likely that you’ll need to enable notification access on your device, but Nova will take you directly to the menu you need to visit. Then, you’ll just need to toggle on the access for Nova Launcher, and then you’ll be able to continue.

So if you want to get these badges on your device of choice now, without having to wait until Android O decides to arrive, hit the button below to get started. Let us know if you ran into any issues, and we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Download Nova Launcher Beta


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