DEAL: Save 20% and get the Amazon Echo Dot for just $39.99


Amazon has been in the news recently as the company has unveiled two new Echo products with the Amazon Echo Look and the Echo Show. When new products are released, there’s usually a pretty good chance that previous iterations are thrown to the wayside, but that’s not the case with Amazon’s Echo products.

In fact, if you’ve been holding off on picking up one of these smart home hubs, now may be as good of a time as ever. Amazon is currently knocking 20% off the Amazon Echo Dot, bringing the price down to just $39.99.

The Echo Dot is the smallest Echo product and was launched late last year, and gives you all of the best features that Amazon Alexa has to offer. Hit the button below to pick one up if you’re interested and let us know whether you decided to do so.

Buy the Amazon Echo Dot


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