May 18th, 2017

Google is going full steam ahead with VR at Google I/O 2017, announcing live on stage that they’ll be bringing Chrome VR to virtual reality headsets later this year. It’s all thanks to Chrome VR which will provide users with the full web browsing experience and immersive VR content and video viewing in a theater-like environment. Because it’s the same Chrome app as the 2D version, all your login information and accounts carry right on over.

But VR is only half of the equation. Google hopes that websites will start adding augmented reality features into their sites as well. Using Java Script and WebGL, websites can use Google’s AR tools to create AR content right from the web browser. No extra apps to install for the user or anything. The website just fires up the camera on the device, and boom — you’re viewing AR objects and information right on your device. From the web browser. Just like magic.

The VR-enabled version of Chrome is coming to Chrome for Android later this year. As for their AR features, Google says an experimental build of Chromium will be available today from Github.

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