Google could be planning a standalone VR headset called ‘WorldSense’


Surprisingly, we don’t know a lot about what will be shown off at Google I/O this year. Earlier this week, it was reported that Google could be planning to announce a standalone VR headset. One that doesn’t require a phone. A trademark filing may have given us the name.

Google registered the term “WORLDSENSE” on May 9th, 2017. It relates to computer hardware, software, and VR headsets. That last bit is obviously the dead giveaway. The first report mentioned “inside-out tracking,” which would allow tracking in space without external cameras.

The WorldSense headset would compete with Google’s own Daydream headset, but they would be at two very different price points. Google would have a VR headset at every level: Cardboard, Daydream, and WorldSense. Would you be interested in a dedicated VR headset from Google?

[via AndroidPolice]

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