May 13th, 2017

Last night, someone at HTC made a rather large mistake, and hit the “publish” button on the accompanying HTC Edge Sense application. The app listing gave us a quick look at how this new Edge Sense functionality will work with the new HTC U 11. Unfortunately, the listing was pulled shortly thereafter, but the folks at Android Police were able to get some of the included screenshots.

These included screenshots don’t really explain the functionality of Edge Sense, but we wouldn’t expect to see that in a listing. The first screenshot shows off a brief tutorial screen, which is designed to help the user to get acclimated to squeezing the sides of their phones.

From there, we just see an example of the camera app, with a viewfinder for both an image and a video. The final two screenshots show the highlighted edges for squeezing, with one screen showing Google Assistant and the second showing the Messages app.

What’s interesting about the second screenshot is the fact that there seems to be 2 “Slots”. This may be for an MMS and SMS combination, but we won’t know for sure until the U 11 is officially unveiled.

Speaking of, HTC will be hopefully taking the world by storm on May 16th as the company looks to get the U 11 announced ahead of Google I/O 2017.

[Android Police]

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