Microsoft is looking to Windows 10 to take on the Amazon Echo


This week could have huge implications on how the future of your home assistant will shape up. Earlier this week, Harman Kardon officially announced its own smart speaker, which is powered by Microsoft’s Cortana. Yesterday, Amazon unveiled its latest Alexa-powered product with the Amazon Echo Show.

However, with the Microsoft Build Conference scheduled for this week, there may be even more in store from Microsoft. According to a leak obtained by The Verge, Microsoft is planning to announce some new features for Windows 10, which will help the company get Cortana into the hands of more users.

The new feature will be called “HomeHub” and will allow users to perform various tasks while sharing various bits of information. It’s likely that the recent release of the Microsoft To-Do application will tie into the productivity side of things, as well.

In addition to helping you be more productive, HomeHub will also include the ability to control your smart home products. Considering the fact that Amazon’s Echo and Google Home already do this, Microsoft is already a little bit behind the 8-ball here.

It’s unlikely that we’ll hear much about HomeHub at the Microsoft Build Conference, but the company is holding a “special event” on May 23rd where it’s planning to “show the world what’s next”.

[The Verge]


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