Google is making it easier for you and your friends to find things to do


Have you ever been sitting around the house on a Friday or Saturday night but can’t figure out what to do? Well, Google is aiming to help alleviate those issues with a new feature found within the Google app and on the mobile web.

Starting today, you can search for specific events near your area and will see a breakdown of upcoming events in a list format. From there, you can select which event you want to go to, and then purchase tickets or make a reservation if necessary.

The nice thing about this new feature is the ability to enter “events near me” into the search bar, and then you will be provided with a list of everything going on around you. Then you can confer with your buddies and head out for a great night on the town.

Google is also making it possible for you to plan ahead by allowing users to enter a specific time range. This way you’ll be able to get everyone on the same page ahead of time, versus waiting until the last possible second.

[Google Blog]


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