DEAL: Jump into Amazon’s Alexa ecosystem with the Amazon Echo for $149


Today has been a big day for Amazon users, as we have seen the announcement of the new Amazon Echo Show. Not only are we getting a new Echo device, but Amazon also announced voice calls and messaging between Echo devices and through the Alexa mobile apps.

However, to help celebrate the launch of the new Echo Show, Amazon has also decided to discount the regular Amazon Echo by $30, bringing the price down to just $149. This is a great price to jump on board with the Echo ecosystem if you don’t feel like waiting for the Echo Show to be launched.

This is the only Echo device to be discounted, but you can still get the Echo Dot for $49.99 if you aren’t looking for the big tube. Plus, as always, the Amazon Echo products come with free Prime shipping and if you order in the next 2 hours, you may be able to even get your new Amazon Echo tomorrow.

Let us know what you think about all the new products and changes from Amazon and if these finally helped you decide to jump on board. If not, let us know why you’re holding off and what kind of product would make you change your mind.

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