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The LG G6 is turning out to be one of the best phones of 2017. What does a great phone need to be even better? Accessories. There are tons of excellent accessories out there for the LG G6. Everything from rugged cases to wireless chargers. This list will help you find the best accessories for your device. Go forth and accessorize!

Best LG G6 Cases

Otterbox Symmetry

If you need a case that can take a beating, it doesn’t get much better than the Otterbox Symmetry. This case offers double-layer protection from drops and shock, dust protection, and screen protection. It adds a lot of extra bulk to the G6, but that’s the price you pay for near invincibility. [Buy from Amazon]

Caseology Parallax

The Parallax is a two-part case that still manages to be slim. Around the edges is a polycarbonate bumper with a metallic finish. The rest of the case is made from flexible TPU. The back has a diamond pattern that adds grip. This case comes in a variety of color. [se is made from flexible TPU. The back has a diamond pattern that adds grip. This case comes in a variety of color. [Buy from Amazon]

Incipio NGP Pure

The NGP Pure is made from a polymer material that provides excellent shock absorption. It won’t stretch or fade over time like some TPU cases. This case looks like a typical TPU case, but when you feel it you can tell it’s different. For one, it’s thicker than normal TPU cases. It’s also slightly more rigid and resistant to scratches. [Buy from Amazon]

More cases!

These cases are just the tip of the iceberg. We published a separate list with much more cases to choose from. Everything from thick and rugged to lightweight and slim. Head on over to that list to find the perfect case for your LG G6!

Explore all the best LG G6 cases!

Best LG G6 Chargers

Anker Fast Wireless Charger

The Anker Fast Charger enables you to wirelessly charge your phone up to 2 times faster than regular wireless chargers. LED indicators around the edge show when the phone is placed in the correct position. Safety features protect against overheating and short circuiting. [Buy from Amazon]

Anker PowerCore Fusion

The PowerCore Fusion gets its name by fusing together wall chargers and portable chargers. You can plug it into the wall and use it as a typical wall charger, but it has a battery built-in. That means you can unplug it and take it with you like a battery pack. It’s really cool and handy. [Buy from Amazon]

More chargers!

This is just two of the chargers from our list. For more wireless chargers and Quick Chargers, check out our full list of chargers for the LG G6!

Explore all the best LG G6 chargers!

Best LG G6 USB-C Cables

Like most modern smartphones, the LG G6 uses USB Type-C for charging. It’s a big improvement over microUSB. If you’re still switching over from microUSB, you may not have many Type-C cables lying around. Here are a few USB Type-C cables you can buy to stock up.

Best LG G6 Skins

dbrand makes some of the best skins around. They have a combination of 25 different colors and materials for the G6. Everything from bright orange to creepy-cool dragon skin. The cool thing about dbrand is you can buy skins for front, back, and camera separately. Mix and match to make something unique. [Buy from dbrand]

SlickWraps is another great skin maker. They offer a huge selection of over 50 different colors, materials, and designs that you can put on your device. SlickWraps also has a few licensed skins from Marvel, DC Comics, and Star Wars. Slickwraps skins are for the front, back, and camera. [Buy from SlickWraps]

LG G6 Screen Protectors

Gorilla Glass 5 is the newest version of Corning’s tough glass, but the LG G6 is still using Gorilla Glass 3. It’s still resistant to scratches and cracks, but it’s certainly not as tough as it could be. Some people still like the peace of mind that comes with a 3rd-party screen protector. It’s much easier to replace a screen protector than to live with a scratched display.

MicroSD Cards

LG was one of the few Android manufacturers to stick with microSD cards. Samsung and HTC dropped them for a while, but now they’re back in their latest flagship devices. LG never wavered. You can easily upgrade your storage capacity without buying any cloud storage subscriptions. Here are a few great cards to choose from.

Car Mounts

TYlt Vu

Our long-standing favorite car mount is the Tylt Vu. The awesome thing about the Vu car mount is that it can wirelessly charge your phone while being mounted. You don’t have to mess with any extra charging cables. If you go on a lot of long car trips, this is a must-have accessory. [Buy from Amazon]

Spigen Magnetic Mount

Magnetic car mounts are the way to go if you want something super easy. Spigen’s mount comes with a thin metal case that sticks on the back of your phone and can be hidden under a case. The mount connects to the air vents in your car. Simply put your phone up against the mount and the magnet will hold it in place. [Buy from Amazon]

Headphones & Speakers

Anker SoundBuds Slim

One of the most important accessories for any phone is a good pair of headphones. The LG G6 includes a 3.5mm headphone jack (thankfully), but if you’re ready to hop on board the Bluetooth train, we’ve got a nice pair for you. The Anker SoundBuds Slim are only $20, but they sound great. The slim design makes them easy to wear and they have a handy module for adjusting volume and play/pause. [Buy from Amazon]

Delta Brainwavz

If you’re looking for something wired, check out the highly recommended Brainwavz Delta. They’re great for all kinds of media, come with three sizes of foam tips to match your ear size, include a mic for taking phone calls, and you can usually get them for around $20. [Buy from Amazon]

UE Roll 2

We’re big fans of UE’s wireless Bluetooth speakers. One of their latest models is the UE Roll 2, the successor to the ultra-popular UE Roll. It has a unique frisbee-like design that makes it easy to strap on and take it on the go. It’s also waterproof so you can take it to the beach or on a canoe trip. [Buy from Amazon]

Bose SoundLink

Looking for something a little more high-end? The SoundLink is one of Bose’ portable Bluetooth speakers. It has the clear sound you expect from a Bose speaker in a compact size. It offers up to 8 hours of music before recharging, and voice prompts make it super easy to pair with your phone. [Buy from Amazon]

Discover more at Android Forums!

A great place to go to find accessories for the G6 is You’ll find other users like yourself sharing their opinions on cases, chargers, and more. The G6 forum is packed with a lot of other great information as well. Check out these accessory threads to get started.

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