May 8th, 2017

How surprised would you be if someone told you that LG now holds 20% of the market share in the US? According to a new report by Strategic Analytics, LG has moved into the #3 position behind the likes of Apple and Samsung regarding overall market share.

However, these results come from Q1 2017, meaning that the newly-released LG G6 isn’t even included in the official numbers. Instead, LG made its way up the ranks with help from the LG V20, which launched last fall, in addition to its budget lineups.

As for how LG is performing across the globe, the report claims that LG shipped 7.3 million devices in Q1 2017, good enough to move into the top 5. But the buck doesn’t stop there as LG also reported its quarterly earnings and saw only $176,000 in operating losses for the quarter. This is substantially lower than what the company lost in Q1 2016.

LG is definitely back in the game, and we are hoping to see great results in Q2 once the LG G6 is included in sales numbers.

[Korea Herald]

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