Motorola seems to be working on a new productivity-focused tablet


Tablets may not be the most popular Android products anymore, but that’s not stopping companies from launching new options on a pretty regular basis. Motorola has been in the headlines over the last year or so due to the popularity of the Moto Z lineup of devices, and it seems the company is looking to launch its first tablet in a few years.

The Motorola Xoom was a semi-popular tablet launched in 2011 with Android 3.0 Honeycomb (don’t remind me). Since then, Motorola has released a few different options, including the Xoom 2 and Droid Xyboard before the company nixed the idea of tablets.

Image courtesy of Android Police

A new report from the folks at Android Police states that Motorola is working on an all-new tablet with a primary focus on productivity. We’ve seen the likes of Apple do release something similar with the iPad Pro, only to have Samsung follow suit with the recent launch of the Galaxy Tab S3.

These tablets have a focus on productivity due to the ability to purchase a keyboard attachment, and the Tab S3 also includes an S Pen in the box for some note-taking or drawing. However, the most damning evidence of Motorola’s new tablet seems to be a screenshot showing the tablet’s “Productivity Mode” being toggled. The description of the Mode reads as follows:

“Switch between apps by tapping the app icon in the navigation bar. Long press the app icon and drag it upwards to close the app.”

Unfortunately, there is little other information available regarding this tablet other than the above screenshot. However, David from Android Police speculates that the device could feature a display of between 9 and 10 inches while including a “premium look and feel”.

I’m not expecting an earth-shattering product from Motorola, but it would be interesting to see what the company comes up with in an ever-changing tablet market. Plus, I’m still looking for a tablet that can replace my 15″ MacBook Pro when I’m the go, so maybe this would fit the bill.

[Android Police]


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