The LG G6 Mini will reportedly feature a 5.4-inch display


The LG G6 was launched just over a month ago and has been already been touted as one of the best smartphones for 2017. In fact, the device earned 4.8 out of 5 in the official review from our very own Joe Fedewa. However, LG may not be done yet as TechnBuffalo has received an internal document which details the launch of the LG G6 Mini.

According to the document, the LG G6 Mini will feature a 5.4-inch display, and will keep the same 18:9 aspect ratio as is found in its big brother. The document also reveals that the screen-to-body ratio is “just under 80 percent”.

Unfortunately, no specific information has been revealed regarding the specs for the device. However, it would not surprise us if we don’t see “top of the line” specs for a mini version of the G6.

There is an off chance that we won’t see the G6 Mini, as the leaked document includes a date from earlier this year. This may suggest that LG was planning a release of the G6 Mini, only to nix the idea later on in the process.

It will be interesting to see if LG continues to ride the G6 wave by releasing a slightly smaller device for a different part of the smartphone market. Let us know if you would be interested in a smaller version of the G6, provided the specs weren’t absolutely ruined.



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