Some Galaxy S8 users are reporting devices are randomly rebooting


At the event for the Samsung Galaxy S8, there was a big emphasis on safety and reliability. Samsung had several issues last year, including a massive Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall. It was very important for Samsung to avoid more issues this year. So far, they’ve had a small red tint display issue, but a bigger problem is gaining attention.

Some Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus users, including members in our forums, have reported random reboots. The display goes black or artifacts and locks up before the phone reboots. The user in our forums has reported it happening twice since he’s had the device. The issue has also been reported in Samsung’s own community forums.

The issue hasn’t been officially addressed by Samsung yet, but it seems to be pretty small right now. If more people start reporting the problem it could gain attention. Have you experienced the problem with your device? Let us know in the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ forums!

Joe Fedewa
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