Are cheap fully wireless earphones worth it?


Fully wireless Bluetooth earphones have been on the market for quite some time, and after thoroughly using the Syllable D900’s I can definitely say that these are one of the best pair of truly wireless earphones that I have used under the $100 price point. Read on to find out why.


Now, I have mixed opinions when it comes to the design of these earphones. I mean they have no wires which make them look even sleeker, but they are a bit bulky in terms of size. The shape of the earphones are abnormal but once placed into your ear, they are so light that you barely notice them – not to mention the fact that they feel extremely comfortable and have a snug fit. For those that use earphones when exercising, these may be an option for you because the Syllable D900’s have a snug fit and didn’t fall out once while I was out on a run.

Battery Life & Pairing

One of my biggest gripes with truly wireless earphones is how hard it is to pair them with your smartphone. With the Syllable D900’s the pairing process consists of you having to hold the power button on the left earbud for 5 seconds and then you will be able to pair it with your smartphone, as well as link the right earbud as well. It seems complicated at first but once you start using these earphones a lot you will get used to it within a few tries. In terms of battery life, I only managed to get 2 hours on one charge – which means that if you just need a pair of earphones to last you through a gym session or commuting to and from work/school then the Syllable D900’s may be for you. But luckily Syllable included a neat charging cradle which means if you run out of juice you can easily charge your earphones without any power outlet.

Sound Quality

The Syllable D900’s sound OK. I found that the bass was somewhat powerful in particular genres of music, highs were clear but the mids and lows were almost nonexistent. So for the audio quality, they are not the best but then again these particular earphones are not highly priced which means you practically get what you pay for.


Overall the Syllable D900’s are a decent pair of truly wireless earphones especially considering them being priced at $50 on Amazon currently. They have a lightweight build, they pair easily and sound quality is good enough for those that don’t care too much about audio quality.

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