A new image shows that the Moto Z2 will feature a few new changes


It’s not often that you see a manufacturer stick with an idea throughout the entire year, but that’s exactly what we’re seeing from Motorola. The Moto Z was launched in July of last year and brought an interesting take on modularity, but Motorola continues to advertise and help developers create new Moto Mods.

This brings us to the surprising part of Motorola’s plan. With some smartphones, we’ll see an implementation abandoned when it comes time to move onto the next flagship (LG G5). However, it seems Motorola is doing the opposite if these new leaked images of the Moto Z2 are anything to go by.

Obtained by @OnLeaks and Slashleaks, this press render shows off an extremely similar design to the original Moto Z, with a few key differences. First, we can see that the Moto Mod magnetic pins will be making their return, on the rear so that you can slap on modules with ease.

Moving up to the camera, we see the same camera bump, but it appears as if Motorola will be joining the dual-camera brigade. The flash is placed right below the two sensors nestled in the camera bump.

On the front of the Moto Z2, it seems that Motorola is opting to use the more rounded fingerprint scanner as is found on the likes of the Moto G5 lineup. This is a deviation from the first Moto Z, which was a square sensor which protruded from the front.

Considering that the original Moto Z wasn’t launched until July of 2016, it’s likely that we’ll have to wait awhile before seeing the Moto Z2 in action. But one thing is for sure: it’s refreshing to see an OEM stick with a concept for more than a year.



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