This free app lets you remap the Galaxy S8’s physical Bixby button to launch whatever you like


There’s been some questions as to whether or not users will be able to remap the Galaxy S8/S8+’s Bixby button to launch something else, say, a more competent virtual assistant (like Google Assistant). In fact, YouTuber MKBHD actually requested such a feature in his latest video rant, in which he goes onto provide Samsung with a little advice on duplicating already great Google apps and services on all of their devices.

Turns out, the Galaxy S8’s extra hardware button can be used to launch another app, you’ll just need to download a 3rd party app to do it. To prove it, someone posted a video straight from a Best Buy Galaxy S8 demo unit showing the newly remapped Bixby button launching Google Now. The app that enables this is called “All in one Gestures” and after enabling accessibility services, the app will have full permission to remap any of the physical buttons on your Android — including those the Galaxy S8’s physical Bixby button.

There was little doubt that even if Samsung didn’t enable this sort of functionality out of the box, Android’s 3rd party developers would find a way. The best part is now you wont have to wait for someone to build something — it’s already in the Play Store right now. You can download All in one Gestures for free via the link below.

Download on Google Play

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