One of the coolest features of the LG G6 that no one is talking about [VIDEO]


While I was checking out the camera on the LG G6 I accidentally discovered something really cool. I was holding the phone and accidentally had my finger on the volume button, which acts as a shutter button in the camera. Burst mode started taking a ton of photos, which isn’t new, but when I finally let go, a “GIF” icon appeared next to the gallery preview.

Yes, you can make GIFs with burst mode in the camera app. This is amazing. GIFs are basically a new language in online communication. They’re everywhere. Being able to make a GIF at any time with the built-in camera app is incredibly useful. I haven’t seen anyone else talk about this feature, but I think it’s awesome.

To make a GIF:

  1. Hold down the shutter button or volume keys
  2. Let go when you’re done
  3. Tap the “GIF” icon
  4. Share it like a normal photo

If you want to edit before saving the GIF:

  1. Instead of tapping the “GIF” icon, tap the gallery preview
  2. Tap “Create GIF”
  3. Adjust the photos (trim), speed, ratio, and flow
  4. Tap SAVE when you’re done

Here’s an example of what the GIFs look like. Basically, the photos from burst mode are being played as a slideshow.

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