The BlackBerry KeyONE has been delayed until at least May


There has been a lot of new information coming our way when it comes to new smartphones. But there’s one that you may have forgotten about – the BlackBerry KeyONE. This phone was teased leading up to CES 2017, and then fully unveiled at MWC 2017 in Barcelona.

Part of the reason behind you possibly forgetting about it is due to its extremely late launch date. Initial reports claimed that we wouldn’t be seeing the KeyONE until April, but it seems that the device has been delayed even further.

BlackBerry CEO, John Chen, confirmed the reports during the latest 2017 earnings call. Chen failed to share any information regarding why the delay was happening, instead stating that the KeyONE won’t be coming until May. However, things get even worse for select regions as Chen confirmed that the device wouldn’t launch globally until after May.

This definitely isn’t a good sign for TCL or BlackBerry as the company looked to get back on the map. Of course, this news is especially devastating if you are one of the few BlackBerry faithful hanging around that was waiting for an Android Nougat smartphone with a physical keyboard.

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