Android Wear 2.0 starts rolling out to the Polar M600

Polar M600 User

Yesterday, Google confirmed that the Android Wear 2.0 update had been delayed for various smartwatches due to a bug that was found in the final build. However, it seems that bug may have been cleared up for the Polar M600 as the update is starting to rollout.

The Polar M600 was launched in August of last year and offers one of the best smartwatch experiences for workout enthusiasts. Polar had already confirmed that the latest version of Android Wear would be rolling out to this smartwatch, but the company’s Twitter account has confirmed the rollout is under way.

In addition to receiving the biggest update to Android Wear since its inception, the M600 will also receive some additional functionality. These features include the ability to track indoor swimming metrics, including pace, strokes per minute, and strokes per pool length.

If you have already received the update on your M600, give us a heads up in the comments below. Let us know how it’s running and if the update is everything you wanted and more.


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