Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Best Alternatives [SPECS]


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is officially official. Finally. This has been one of the most leaked and rumored devices of all time. Everything that we learned from the months leading up to today has basically been true. Samsung put a bunch of new stuff and fancy designs into this phone, but at the end of the day it’s just a phone. How does it stack up against other top devices?

For this comparison, we’re putting the Galaxy S8 up against the brand new LG G6, Pixel, and iPhone 7. There are plenty of other phones we could compare, but this is a good mainstream sampling. With the Galaxy S8 and G6 being the newest devices in the chart, they have the most in common. The Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7 have the least in common.


The Galaxy S8 has the newest and (theoretically) best processor in the chart. The G6 is slightly newer than the S8, but LG wasn’t able to use the 835. The Galaxy S8 should have the best performance, but sometimes TouchWiz gets in the way. RAM is pretty even across the board except for the iPhone. The S8 has more storage than the G6.

Samsung went with a near bezel-less “Infinity” display which has a longer aspect ratio than previous models. It’s still considered a QHD display, but there are a few extra pixels for the extra screen real estate. The G6 has a similar thing going on, but not quite as much. The Pixel is only 1080p and the iPhone is even less than that. Samsung is king of displays.


The Galaxy S8 isn’t on the short end of many of these comparisons. The LG G6 has a slightly better camera (in terms of MP) with the dual 13MP setup. The Pixel and iPhone are about even with 12MP rear cameras and 8/7MP front cameras. Of course, megapixels never tell the whole story. We know Samsung’s camera will be great.

The G6 edges out the Galaxy S8 battery by 300 mAh. The Galaxy S8 tops both the Pixel and iPhone 7 in battery size. That’s pretty much where the disadvantages end. Samsung did a great job on the specs front.

Which phone is the best?

Now that we can officially compare specs, which phone do you think is the best? Did Samsung do enough to take over the top spot after the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle? Will you be buying the Galaxy S8?

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