Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs S7 Edge: Worth Upgrading?


Last year, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was the best phone from Samsung (you know what happened to the Note 7). This year, Samsung is replacing the S7 Edge (and Note 7) with the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus: a phablet version of the standard Samsung Galaxy S8. So how does it stack up with last year?

These two phones are very similar, but there are a couple of key differences to note. The biggest change is the screen size. Samsung went from a 5.5-inch display to a whopping 6.2-inch display. However, that doesn’t mean the S8 Plus is a lot bigger. The small bezels makes for a bigger display but a smaller footprint.The longer aspect ratio also means you get a few more pixels.

The processor is probably the biggest change. Samsung skipped from the Snapdragon 820 to the brand new Snapdragon 835. RAM and storage are about the same. The improved processor should mean better performance, but that isn’t always the case with Samsung phones. A lot of Samsung phones get slow as they age. We hope the same doesn’t happen with the S8 Plus.

The other specs are pretty much the same. You get the same size camera on the rear with a slightly improved front shooter. Battery size is actually a slight downgrade, which shows how great the S7 Edge was. It still has a MicroSD card slot and water resistance. The charging port has been upgraded to USB Type-C and there is a new IRIS scanner.

Is it worth the upgrade?

The Galaxy S7 Edge was (and still is) an excellent phone. It was hands-down the best Samsung device last year. If battery life is your main concern, it’s probably still the best option. If screen size and performance is important, the S8 Plus looks to be a good upgrade. What do you think?

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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S7: Worth Upgrading?

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