The Huawei P10 is now available for purchase in the UK


The Huawei P10 was announced at MWC 2017, but we have been waiting to learn more about pricing and availability for various markets. It seems that if you’ve been holding onto your quid in the UK for the P10, today’s the day to jump the ship.

Huawei and several other retailers are now offering the Huawei P10 for sale. If you want to buy unlocked, you’ll be spending £570, but you can also pick up the device from the likes of Vodafone, EE, Unlocked-Mobile, and Carphone Warehouse. 

Vodafone is offering the Mystic Silver or Graphite Black P10 for £10 up front, and then £42 per month with 2GB of data and unlimited calls/texts. Carphone Warehouse also has the Graphite Black P10, but you can also get the Dazzling Gold variant for £41 per month through carrier EE. 

Speaking of EE, the carrier has the same silver and black variants as Vodafone, but the device will ship within the next 7 days. For £41 per month, you will get 5GB of data to go with your unlimited calls and texts. 

If you live in the UK and are going to snag the P10 for yourself, let us know in the comments below. Unfortunately, it seems that those of us in the US won’t be able to get our hands on this one.



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