LG reveals its battery safety testing process ahead of LG G6 launch


We are a bit more than a week away from the official release of the LG G6. However, there are many questions that have been raised, after the Galaxy Note 7 was found to have faulty batteries.

In which case, LG has decided to share what it does in terms of inspections and testing before sending the device out the door. Currently, LG claims it is shipping more than 50,000 units per day, which means a lot of inventory is flying out the door at the moment. However, the company is committed to putting “safety first”, with the battery needing the most attention.

However, the battery isn’t the only concern, as LG performs an array of tests on the devices. These tests include water-resistance, “controlled drop tests”, and more.

As for the testing being performed on the G6’s battery, you might be a bit surprised. Kim Sung-woo, a chief engineer explained:

“A battery is like a bomb. We do these tests to prevent injuries to people even if the battery explodes,”

So to help prevent LG from following Samsung’s footsteps, the company’s testing ranges from extreme situational circumstances, to how well the battery will hold up over time. In one specific test, the G6’s battery is manually exploded, and depending on the how the battery’s explosion affects the casing, determines whether the test is passed.

It’s no surprise that LG is also taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of its devices. However, it’s also no surprise that this information was being revealed just mere days before the Galaxy S8 unveiling.

[Korea Herald]


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