You can now ask Google Home to help you build your own PC


With Google Assistant continuing to roll out to more devices, users decided to get in on the fun and create new actions. There are about 10 new actions to Assistant which can be added via the Google Home application.

Some of these actions could turn out to be really useful, while others are more for party tricks. Here’s a breakdown of what’s new:

  • Keep track of food expiration dates with Chefling
  • Get motivational quotes from Jaden Smith (yes, that Jaden Smith)
  • Use Computer Builder to walk you through the basics of building your own PC
  • Use Bugle Notes to get various facts about West Point
  • Movie Maestro can now give you IMDB movie ratings
  • Instruct your Roomba to start cleaning the house
  • Find out what the weather is on Mars
  • Learn more about congenital heart disease
  • Reveal horse racing results in the UK, France, Ireland, and the US
  • Get perfect combination suggestions from Wine Guide, Beer Guide, and Food Network

If any of these actions appeal to you, simply open up the Google Home application on your phone and navigate to More Settings > Services. From there you can browse through the almost 140 different actions which have been created since Google Home was launched.

Sound off in the comments below and let us know some of your favorite actions which you use on a regular basis. Or, let us know of the really quirky ones that always get a laugh when you have friends over.



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