Samsung shows off new Gear S3 concept designs, including a hybrid smart pocket watch [WTF]


Mechanical version of the Gear S3

Baselworld 2017 — a watch and jewelry trade show — kicks off today in off in Switzerland and making a splash is Samsung with three concept watches they’re showing off with luxury watch designer Yvan Arpa.

Based on the Samsung Gear S3 design, Arpa has created a traditional (dumb) watch version of the Gear S3, with a transparent face to expose the moving gears inside. There were also new variants of the actual Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch, featuring new finishes, designs, and bands. Some of them look pretty amazing.

Concept Gear S3 smartwatch designs

The oddest concept is that of the Gear S3 pocket watch, a hybrid device that features a traditional mechanical watch on its door, but opens up to reveal the smartwatch portion with the LCD display inside. It’s so ridiculous, that I actually kind of want one. You know, once Samsung gets around to creating an augmented reality smart monocle to complete the look.

The Samsung Gear S3 smart pocket watch hybrid

But it wasn’t all concepts, Samsung announced that they’ll also be rolling out a “Value Pack” update for the Gear S2 and S3 which brings more “content” like alti/barometer, reminders, and S Health. They also mentioned something about improved support for partnered apps like Spotify and NEST but we’ll have to wait to learn more.


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