Mar 23rd, 2017

One of the most popular features in Inbox by Gmail is the ability to “snooze” emails for later. Get an important email you can’t answer right now? Simply snooze it like your alarm in the morning. This wasn’t a new concept, but it was executed really well. Immediately, people starting asking “why not have this feature for Android notifications?” The Android O dev preview does just that.

Thanks to amazing Android developers, you don’t need Android O to have this feature on your device. There are several apps in the Play Store that allow you to snooze notifications in a similar way. The one we like the most is called Boomerang. It’s not quite as seamless as the Android O feature, but it works just as well.

After you dismiss a notification, Boomerang replaces it with a new one that asks if you’d like to “Save” or “Save + Reminder.” Saving simply adds the notification to the Boomerang app where you can view it later. But saving with a reminder will notify you about the notification at the predetermined time. Essentially snoozing it until a later time.

You can choose to be reminded “some time later, some time tomorrow,” or at a custom time. Boomerang can also give you a digest at the end of the day to recap all the notifications you’ve saved. You can make Boomerang work with all of your apps or just the ones you choose. A persistent notification shows you how many notifications have been saved at all times (it can be disabled).

If you’re constantly being bombarded with notifications that you can’t forget about, Boomerang is a great solution. Sometimes leaving a notification in your shade isn’t a good enough reminder. The app is very well designed and simple to use. It’s completely free with zero in-app purchases. Give it a shot while we wait for Android O (it could be a while).

Download: Boomerang
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