Why the Jaybird X3’s are my favorite wireless headphones


I’ve been an avid user of Bluetooth earphones for a because I find them so much more convenient. I’ve been using the Jaybird X3’s for a significant amount of time now and it’s safe to say that these are the best Bluetooth earphones I have ever used for its price point.


The unboxing experience of the Jaybird X3’s was great. Presentation was spot on and inside the box your are greeted with the earphones itself as well as a myriad of accessories which makes the experience that much better. Included in the box are ear fins, various sized ear-tips, memory foam ear-tips, carrying case and even a Jaybird sticker!


The Jaybird X3’s have a new and improved design over its predecessor, the X2’s. These have a more refined coating and the build has a more sleek but rugged design allowing Jaybird to implement hydrophobic nano-coating which allows the earphones to be sweat proof. I opted for the “Sparta White” color which has a clean white and gold colour scheme to it. The earphones are of a moderate size and have a snug fit thanks to its trusty ear fins that are provided inside the box. I had no problem with these falling out even when using these while exercising or just simply getting some work done at my desk. 

Sound Quality

I can honestly say these are the best sounding Bluetooth earphones I have ever used within the price point. The reason being is because the user has control over how they sound – yes that’s right! You can customize the sound quality using Jaybirds MySound application, in which setting up custom sound profiles are just a few taps away. Having a lot of bass in my audio is something that I seriously appreciate so I was able to use one of the presents within the MySound app to do just that. This feature is definitely a game changer and is great for those that want to customize their listening experience.

Overall sound quality was great, the Jaybird X3’s have deep bass, crisp vocals and not to mention the clear mids and highs. Even when the volume was maxed out there was no evident distortion in the sound which is something that most earphones struggle with under this price point. Sound isolation is also a feature which can be good or bad depending on the situation. For example when working in loud environments this was definitely ideal but then during situations such as driving or commuting to and from work – this may be a hindrance. But with that being said I cannot complain with the audio quality as it was amazing.

Battery Life

Jaybird claims the X3’s last 8 hours on average. I’ve been using these thoroughly on a daily basis and I can definitely vouch that they do last up to 8 hours. In terms of improvement it would’ve been great to see a longer battery life due to the X2’s having the same capacity, but if you do use these heavily then lasting a couple of days will be no problem.

The volume control has completely changed with a more bulkier design which is now housing the battery allowing the user to charge the earphones from the volume control directly. If you forgot to charge these earphones then no need to worry as a quick 15 minute charge will get you up to 1 hour of battery life – easily one of my favorite features.

Pricing & Final Thoughts

The Jaybird X3’s retail at $129.99 and come in three different colors on Amazon. For the price, they feature everything I could ask for in a pair of Bluetooth earphones: crisp sound quality, sleek design, and consistent connectivity across different devices. Also just to point out that the Jaybird X2’s were released at $199.99 so with Jaybird releasing the X3’s which are significantly better, $129 is a more than reasonable price. If you are looking for a great all rounded pair of Bluetooth earphones then I would highly recommend the X3’s.

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