Mar 17th, 2017

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature two processors, depending on where you live. In the U.S., it will have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. In other countries, it will feature the Exynos 8895. We always hear about how the Exynos versions are better than the Snapdragon versions. Thanks to some benchmarks, we can compare the two models.

Geekbench scores of the 8895 have been leaked. It scores 1978 on single-core and 6375 on multi-core. The test was performed on March 16th, which means it should be very close to final hardware. We can compare that with scores from the Snapdragon 835, which scored 1844 on single-core and 5426 on multi-core. The Exynos fared slightly better.

Benchmarks rarely tell the whole story, but we’re not surprised by these results. Exynos processors have typically been slightly better than their Snapdragon counterparts. It’s a shame we never get them here in the U.S. Either way, the Galaxy S8 is going to be a very speedy phone.