Mar 16th, 2017

(New leaked photos from Weibo)

We know pretty much everything there is to know about the Samsung Galaxy S8. That’s the nature of major flagship launches these days. Months and months of leaks and rumors followed by an anti-climactic official announcement. However, there are still a few tiny details up in the air. The first has to do with RAM.

A lot of the rumored spec reports have claimed the Galaxy S8 will have “4 or 6GB” of RAM. That could have meant the specs weren’t finalized, but it looks like there will be a 6GB model. We just won’t see it here in the U.S. The folks in China will be lucky enough to get the 6GB model. We, however, will be stuck with 4GB of RAM.

Another rumor claims the Galaxy S8 will use facial recognition for security in Samsung Pay. It will use fingeprint, iris, and facial detection to verify users for mobile payments. Samsung is apparently working with banks to get the feature adopted. Facial detection hasn’t worked great in phones in the past. Hopefully, Samsung has it figured out.

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