Mar 14th, 2017

One of the benefits of buying unlocked phones is that you usually get quicker updates. Manufacturers don’t have to work with carriers to update unlocked phones. However, Samsung’s approach to unlocked phones has been the complete opposite. The Samsung Galaxy S7 unlocked model was last updated back in December. Meanwhile, carrier models are on Android Nougat.

Thankfully, it sounds like Samsung is changing the way they treat unlocked phones, at least in the U.S. Samsung has been updating unlocked phones on a quarterly basis instead of monthly. In a statement to ZDNet, a spokesperson said Samsung has resolved the challenges with releasing monthly security updates. They are committed to monthly updates.

It’s interesting that Samsung cited “challenges” with updating unlocked phones on a month basis. They’ve had no problem doing it with carrier models. We’re not sure why unlocked phones would be more difficult. Nonetheless, it sounds like more updates are on the way. Do you use an unlocked Galaxy phone?

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