Samsung’s first smartphone with a foldable display could debut at IFA 2017


We’ve known for quite sometime that Samsung has been working on a smartphone with a foldable display, right now it’s just a matter of when the darn thing will launch. Last month, rumors began circulating that Samsung was planning to launch a pair of devices with this technology later this year, although exact release timing was still up in the air. As we move forward into the year, this timing is starting to become a little more clear with new rumors that Samsung will officially debut this foldable smartphone during Q3 2017, possibly for an IFA 2017 unveiling.

We’re not sure if this rumor has legs to stand on, coming from the hit-or-miss ET News who mentioned last month that Samsung would be showing off foldable prototypes in February, something that never came to fruition. It’s entirely possible Samsung was planning on teasing their foldable smartphone during their Galaxy S8 Unpacked event — something that got pushed back away from MWC — and that’s where the wires got crossed. Who knows.

What we do know is that IFA kicks off September 1st in Berlin and if Samsung is planning on showing off their first foldable smartphone with a flexible display, we’ll be there to cover it. Stay tuned.

[ET News]

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