T-Mobile increases its LTE usage cutoff to 30GB


In a world where every major carrier is advertising “unlimited data”, it’s not truly unlimited data. Each carrier has implemented thresholds, which when met, your device is deprioritized to be put at the back of the line for other devices in your area.

T-Mobile’s “limit” previously was enforced after you used 28GB of data in a month, but the company has increased that limit. Starting today, the threshold before being deprioritized is 30GB, giving you an extra couple of gigs to use if you’re a data-hungry user. 

Of course, even after you reach the aforementioned threshold, you can still use your phone. However, your network speeds will be decreased to 3G or 2G speeds. So “using” your phone will definitely be a hassle as you are thrown back to 2008 network speeds.

This further increases T-Mobile’s lead on the competition, as Sprint’s limit is 23GB, while AT&T and Verizon’s limit is 22GB. I know the average user will never touch these limits, but as someone who is constantly on their phone, I still hold out hope for truly unlimited data someday.

[TmoNews | T-Mobile]


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