A new update to LineageOS 14.1 adds Single Hand Mode


The displays on our devices have been getting larger and larger over the years. However, there haven’t really been any software features added by OEMs to help us use our devices with just one hand.

That’s where rooting and installing custom ROMs comes into play. We’ve seen various ROMs add a one-handed mode, where the display is shrunk, making it more manageable to access things like our status bar for those of us with smaller hands.

The new kid on the block, LineageOS, has just added this new feature into the latest build. In order to access this mode, there are two different ways. If you’re using on-screen navigation buttons, you can swipe right or left on the home button, and the display will shrink. If you’re using hardware navigation keys, you can program the change under ‘Settings > Buttons’.

This may not seem like a huge deal, but if you like larger devices, but don’t have the biggest hands, one-hand mode is definitely going to be useful. Additionally, the LineageOS team has added this feature to all devices running the LineageOS 14.1 build from March 6th 2017.

A few new devices have also been added to the lineup, with the Lenovo ZUK Z1 and LG G3 gaining LineageOS 14.1 support. The other device to be added to the mix is the good ole’ Samsung Galaxy Nexus. If for some reason you’re still using the GNex, you can now install LineageOS 13.0.

Let us know if you’ve tested out LineageOS on your device of choice and how it’s been running for you.



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