An infected Facebook Lite APK is stealing your device information


A couple of years ago, Facebook introduced a “lighter” version of its mobile application, designed to help those in emerging markets keep in contact with friends and family. Facebook Lite is nothing more than a wrapper for the mobile website, but gives users the ability to access Facebook without downloading the full-version.

The problem with this app is that it isn’t available everywhere, forcing users to look for APK downloads. However, a new report states that there is an APK file making its rounds which actually contains malware.

After the APK is downloaded, a slew of information regarding your device is shared with Chinese servers. As for what data is taken, your device ID, system version, MAC address, phone model, and location are all shared with foreign servers. The APK also allows for more applications to be installed on your device without your knowledge.

We know that Facebook can be a pain to use, but if you can’t get the official app in your country, be sure to download the APK file from a trusted source. You definitely don’t want private and personal information getting into the wrong hands.

[Malwarebytes Lab]


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