The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2’s display may be more impressive than the original


The Xiaomi Mi MIX took the world by storm as it turned out to be one of Hugo Barra’s last ventures with the company, and provided an unreal look at what a bezel-less display would look like. Despite the device never making its way to the States, the Mi MIX featured a 6.4-inch LCD display which provided a screen real-estate of 91.3%.

However, if a new rumor comes to fruition, the Mi MIX 2 may be even more impressive. The latest rumor suggests that the successor to the MIX may feature a screen real-estate of 93% on the front of device.

What’s even more impressive is that the display is expected to be of the curved AMOLED variety. What this translates to is even thinner bezels, while providing you more room to work and play on your smartphone.

The problem that could arise from this how Xiaomi will implement software features to ensure that your palm or other fingers won’t register unnecessary feedback. We haven’t heard much of this being a problem with the original Mi MIX, but we’ll have to see how Xiaomi decides to combat this potential problem in the future.

The rumors also suggest that Xiaomi will stick with the ceramic body, along with the bone-conduction audio technology. Finally, we’re also anticipating the fingerprint scanner to moved from the rear of the device, to the front. Hopefully, this will mark the first device to feature ultrasonic fingerprint technology, placing the scanner underneath the front display.

We’ll have to wait a bit longer for the official release, as the Mi MIX 2 is not expected to debut until November of this year. Let us know what you think about the Mi MIX 2 rumors, and whether you would pick one up if it were to come to the US.



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