This new Moto Mod will change how you interact with your Moto Z


Back in January, we learned about a new Moto Mod which was in the works that transforms the way you interact with your Moto Z. The Timewave from Esper features “waves” on the back of the Mod, which perform different tasks during interaction.

The Timewave was a finalist for Motorola and Lenovo’s ‘Transform the Smartphone Challenge’ and are looking to receive $1 million in venture capital from Lenovo. However, there is still more work to be done as the Timewave has just launched its IndieGogo campaign.

As we have learned from placing the fingerprint scanner on the rear of many devices, some interactions are better performed without actually touching the display. Since your fingers are always cradling your smartphone anyways, Esper figured it would be a smart idea to provide a new way of interacting with your smartphone.

Through the “5 dimensions of touch” you can interact with notifications, as well as much more, depending upon developer support. These 5 “dimensions of touch” are as follows:

  • Tap
  • Press
  • Glide
  • Slide
  • Liftoff

In addition to providing different ways to interact with your Moto Z while in use, the Timewave also introduces a new way to “see” notifications. When a notification arrives on your device, the Moto Mod will provide an “ambient computing experience” which won’t disrupt you while you’re working.

There are quite a few campaigns available through the IndieGogo page, but if you’re looking to back the project to get a Timewave for yourself, you’ll be looking at dropping $59. This will provide you with the Timewave once it ships in November, while saving you 25% on the retail price of $79. If you’re feeling a bit generous, there is a “Hero” bundle which not only nets you the Timewave Moto Mod, but also includes some goodies from the company.

If this is something that interests you, hit the button below and go support the folks at Esper. Let us know what you think about it, and let us know if you would pick one up if it hits the goal of $3,000.

Support on IndieGogo


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