Someone leaked the Galaxy S8 even though the sticker says not to



The Samsung Galaxy S8 has been leaked so much that there’s not going to be much left for Samsung to “unveil” on March 29th. The company’s 2017 flagship has seen spec leaks, image leaks, and even been leaked on video. That’s what brings us here today, as the device was again shown off in a video.

The video, which is slightly above potato quality, gives us a quick look around the device. The most notable part of this video isn’t the device itself, but instead it’s the big sticks on the back that say “NO PHOTO ALLOWED”. Obviously, someone is feeling a bit froggy and giving us a look at something we’re not supposed to see, which is apparent by the model and serial number shared. However, the CONFIDENTIAL sticker also says “Do not leak info”, so that’ll be fun to learn more about in the future.

Moving past that, we can see the device’s glossy black finish, along with brand placement. Due to the new “infinity display” design on the front, we can see that Samsung opted to leave its branding on the rear of the device. The “Samsung” logo is located in the middle of the device, below the camera and fingerprint sensor, while the “Galaxy S8” branding is slightly above the bottom of the device.


However, the Galaxy S8 fun doesn’t stop there, as the device was leaked in a series of hi-resolution images. This may be the best look of the Galaxy S8 and/or S8 Plus that we’ve seen yet. Some of the leaked images are labeled as the Galaxy S8 Plus, but we don’t know which is which, when it comes to the non-marked images.

Regardless, we can see the Galaxy S8 with its display on, giving us a better look at that Infinity Display that we are likely to hear Samsung speak ad nauseam about. These images also seem to confirm that we’ll be greeted with a bit of a different aspect ratio.

The rest of the images don’t show us anything new or exciting. Instead, just showing off the various buttons and edges of the upcoming devices. There is a nice closeup of the new camera module, complete with the awkwardly placed fingerprint sensor. So if you are already not looking forward to the new sensor placement, then this won’t help matters.

Since we practically already know everything about the device, let us know if you’re holding off from picking up the LG G6 or other new device in favor of the Galaxy S8. If not, let us know why and what device you’ll be picking up instead.

[YouTube | TechTastic]


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