Samsung Galaxy S8 release has been pushed back a week


Samsung is under huge pressure to get the Galaxy S8 just right at launch. The South Korean company is hoping to make up for the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco with the upcoming smartphone and with stiff competition from the LG G6 launching a few weeks ahead of the Galaxy S8, Samsung wants to make sure everything is perfect for its new handset.

While an official launch date hasn’t been announced so it can’t really be considered a delay, a new report suggests that Samsung will launch the Galaxy S8 on April 28th instead of April 21st, as originally intended. The report doesn’t get into the specifics of the delay, but it’s not hard to imagine Samsung is being as cautious as possible since the Galaxy S8 will be its recovery from the Note 7 disaster.

Samsung is expecting to have at least 12 million Galaxy S8 handsets ready to go by launch, but reports are suggesting that the new 10nm FinFET technology used in producing the Snapdragon 835 and similar processors is slowing down production to the point that this delay may have been necessary to reach those numbers for worldwide distribution.

Despite the delay in the release date, the unveiling event slated to be held in New York City and London will still take place on March 29th. This gives LG an extra week to get the LG G6 into people’s hands before the Galaxy S8 becomes available, but it just means those waiting for a new Snapdragon 835-powered device will have to wait an extra week.
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