Huawei is giving away some goodies for those who ordered the Mate 9 in the US


The Huawei Mate 9 was launched last year, but it took the company a few months before making it available to those of us here in the States. Over the course of CES 2017, Huawei announced that the Mate 9 would be available from Amazon and other retailers, with prices starting at $599.99.

However, it seems those who jumped on board with Huawei’s 2016 flagship are getting some belated goodies. According to some users over at the XDA Developers Forum, and Huawei is offering a box full of useful accessories.

The box contains a USB Type-C data cable, a micro-USB to USB Type-C adapter, wall charger, and a selfie stick. The box can be purchased for just $15 through Amazon, but if you want to get this stuff for free, you can do so.

In order to get the box, you’ll need to fill out a survey which can be found here. From there, you’ll have to wait until you receive an email from Huawei USA which contains a redemption code. There is one requirement to make sure that there are no frauds – you’ll need a valid IMEI when filling out the survey.

Provided that you’re not trying to con Huawei into giving free stuff for a device you don’t have, you’ll be gifted a free box of accessories for your device. Hit the link below to fill out the survey and let us know if you’ve received your goodie box.

Fill out Survey
[XDA Developers]


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