The Sony Xperia Agent is a friendly robot for your smart home [VIDEO]


The Sony Xperia Agent was first unveiled at IFA 2016, but Sony is showing it off again at MWC this year. This was our first chance to get a closer look at the friendly robot. The Xperia Agent is essentially a smart home hub with a little more personality than Google Home or Amazon Echo. It has a “face” that can nod and a “body” that can swivel and move.

The moving parts are there for a reason. It has a rotating camera, a two-way microphone and speaker system, and a display. The speaker can recognize you when you walk into the house and opt to turn your lights on when it knows you’re home. It could alert you to incoming calls and notifications, or you could probably tell it to start your coffee for the morning.

In the demo above, you can see the Agent play a video and display a photo on the connected TV. The Agent connects to your cloud accounts, such as email, which is where it got the photo from. The demo also shows off the ability to play music on a connected speaker and take a Skype video call. It’s amazing how little movements can add so much life to a smart home hub. The concept isn’t new, but this is definitely one of the cooler-looking implementations of it. There’s no word on pricing or when this thing will be available to purchase. Would you be interested in it?

Joe Fedewa
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