20+ Best Android Apps [March 2017]


A lot of apps are released in the span of one month. It can be near impossible to keep track of them all. In order to help you find only the best apps that have been released in the last month, we have assembled this list. Below you will find the best apps (and biggest updates) from the last month. Check it out and see what apps you missed!

New Android Apps

5 Calls

5 Calls is an app that makes it easy to get in touch with government officials. A phone call is the most effective way to influence your representative. 5 Calls does the research so you can see where your representatives stand on the issues. The app gets the phone numbers and even writes scripts so you know what to say. It only takes 5 minutes to make 5 calls.

Amazon Chime

Chime is a new Amazon app for meetings. You can conduct online meetings, call, chat, and share content easily, both inside and outside your organization. Meetings and conversations are always synchronized so that you can stay connected across devices.

Bard – Video Assembler

Bard is a fun app that allows you to make celebrities say anything you want. The app takes videos from YouTube and breaks them down by words. You then simply rearrange the words to make a phrase and the video will be chopped together.


BatON is an app that allows you to easily see the battery life of the Bluetooth devices connected to your phone. You can see the battery level right in the notification shade. It works with most devices that support Bluetooth 4.0+ Low Energy.

BlackBerry Notable

Notable is BlackBerry productivity app for all Android devices. It’s a content creation and sharing app that allows you to quickly capture content on your device screen, mark it up with text or free-form drawing tools, and quickly share it with your friends.

Donald Draws Executive Doodle

Donald Draws is an app that allows you to create your very own executive order and have Trump proudly display it. The app is very simple. Draw or type whatever you want on the two pages and the app will turn it into a surprisingly realistic GIF. That’s some good ‘ol fashioned bipartisan fun.

Email – Fast & Secure

This generically named email app takes a similar approach as Inbox. It’s built to be super speedy with a fast UI and notifications. You can manage all of your accounts in one place–including Gmail, Hotmail, iCloud, Yahoo, Outlook, Office/Outlook 365, AOL, and IMAP mail accounts.


This is another one of those apps that uses AI to apply extreme effects to your face. You can add a smile, change your age, remove blemishes and wrinkles, or even change your gender. It’s powerful and fun to use.


HAPPYCAR is here to help you find the right car hire at the best possible price. The app deals with premium car hire companies around the world and checks with local suppliers to deliver the cheapest car hire prices available. It’s like KAYAK for rental cars.

Microsoft GigJam

GigJam is a productivity app that lets you divvy up work and send it to the appropriate parties. Need to discuss a draft contract? Temporarily send over just the right paragraphs to your customer without leaving anything behind. Share things that won’t last forever.


Nautivity is an app all about water activities. You can plot performance, check GPS location, view the clinometer, get weather reports, plan trips, send an SOS, and much more. It’s for those who know the feeling of excitement when they put the foot on the yacht, boat, surfboard, kiteboard, or water ski.


Interested in collecting evidence of Internet censorship? Curious about the speed and performance of the network that you are using? Using this appyou can examine blocking of websites, presence of systems that could be responsible for censorship and/or surveillance, and speed and performance.


If you’ve been jealous of the fancy navigation buttons used by the Pixel and Pixel XL, you can now add them to your Android device without having to root it. The Pixbar app gives you the illusion that your on-screen navigational buttons are identical to those on the Pixel phones.


This is a running app that transforms your runs into immersive adventures. The app is from the same people who made Zombies, Run! Racelink has even more stories and adventures to motivate you while you run. Run through the solar system or train to be an astronaut. You decide!


RadioPublic is a podcast app that gives you access to over 250,000 podcasts. It’s a great way to discover new podcasts that have been handpicked by experts and fans. You can even ask a real human being for personal recommendations.


Shortcutter is another app that allows you to create your own Android Nougat quick settings tiles. The app offers a multitude of tiles to choose from and even more if you have a rooted device. You can add things like screen recorder, camera launch, and more.


Slice makes ordering from authentic local pizzerias easy, no matter where you are. It’s super easy to order authentic pizza and support thousands of pizzerias in and around cities across the country. Why order Domino’s and Little Ceaser’s when you can get great pizza from local places?


Driving fast makes you get places faster, right? But exactly how much faster? Is it even worth speeding? Speedr has a speedometer showing you your current driving speed and the speed limit of the road. Anytime you drive faster than the speed limit Speedr uses the speedometer to calculate how much time the extra speed is saving.

Synology VPN Plus

VPN Plus allows easy access to Internet and local network resources via the Synology SSL VPN service powered by the Synology Router. This app provides you with fast connection speeds, enhanced security, and better capacity to pass through firewalls.

Weekly App Round-ups

Android App Updates


Don’t you hate those people that post a dozen Instagram pics in a row and take over your feed? Thankfully, Instagram added the ability to upload multiple pics as a gallery. Simply swipe between the photos like you would with any other photo gallery.

Android Messages

Google Messenger is now Android Messages, but this is more than just a name change. Google is getting ready for Messages to be the default RCS app on many Android phones. They already have a lot of manufactuers and carriers on board.


One of the best 3rd-party Twitter apps got a very nice redesign. Some of the changes include a new tablet layout, along with new animations. Flamingo also now features a new “Stats” tab, which allows you to see what’s going on with the various interactions with your tweets.

Best of the Best

The Google Play Store has hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from. This list only scratches the surface. We’ve published numerous “Best Apps” lists for everything from dating to education. Check out the lists below to explore even more!

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