Google has identified the issue with Bluetooth on Pixel devices


Pixel owners have been experiencing random Bluetooth issues for a while now in various forms. First, it was Pixel owners having trouble connecting their phones to their cars via Bluetooth. Google has since fixed that issue, but now a new problem has cropped up.

Since the latest February security build, some users are reporting that their Bluetooth connection will randomly disable. Google made a post on the Google Product Forums requesting Pixel owners to detail their problems on February 13th, to which more than 200 posts were made expressing various Bluetooth disconnection issues.

Having the issue with bluetooth disabling itself. No pattern found right now. Usually, I find out that bluetooth is disable when I’m in my car and trying to do a phone call, but no phone paired! I’m not sure if it started with the latest security build… maybe earlier. If I go into Bluetooth Settings, it is completely disabled. I need to slide the toggle to re-enable it.

Now Google has updated that post today to let users know their detailed feedback has been helpful in identifying a fix. The fix isn’t ready yet, but it will be forthcoming in an upcoming release.

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