US Cellular will hop on the unlimited plan bandwagon


A new report suggests that US Cellular is looking to throw its hat into the ring of unlimited plans offered by US carriers. T-Mobile kicked off the trend of the return to unlimited wireless plans, but now all four major US wireless carriers offer some form of unlimited plan. Now US Cellular will do the same with a starting price of $60 for a single line.

US Cellular is restructuring its plans to accommodate this new offering, with a new 2GB plan for $40 and a 6GB plan for $50. Of course, there’s always a catch to this pricing. That unlimited plan at $60 also means you’ll have to enroll in Auto Pay and paperless billing to get the discount. Additionally, the regular unlimited plan only offers standard definition video streams. To get HD video, you’ll need to upgrade to the Unlimited Plus plan at $80/month.

The company is also adopting a new approach with no hidden fees, which means no activation fees, upgrade fees, or overage charges. Taxes and regulatory fees still apply, so it’s not a flat rate offering like T-Mobile or Cricket. US Cellular uses Verizon’s network as its backbone, so if you don’t want to pay the high prices that Verizon is charging for its unlimited account, perhaps US Cellular is a better deal for those with CDMA phones.

According to the source, these new plans are slated to arrive tomorrow for the network.
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