Feb 20th, 2017 publishUpdated   Sep 11th, 2021, 9:34 pm

According to a new report, Xiaomi is looking to beef up its phone portfolio by adding more mid-tier and high-end models this year. The report says that Chinese manufacturers like Vivo and Oppo are putting pressure on Xiaomi because of their broad range of handsets that are released within the country each year.

Right now, Xiaomi claims the fourth spot in the Chinese smartphone market, with Huawei on top at 76,2 million units shipped in 2016. Second place goes to Oppo with 73.2 million handsets shipped, while the third spot goes to Vivo with 63.2 million handsets shipped. Xiaomi will have to increase their portfolio enough to generate more than 10 million new sales to compete with those numbers for 2017.

Xiaomi isn’t off to a very good start for 2017, as sources say that sales of Xiaomi’s Mi Note 2 and the ceramic-backed Mi Mix haven’t met expectations for the first quarter of this year. That’s partially due to Xiaomi not having enough phones to meet demand thanks to a component shortage, so the company is considering getting new suppliers for parts and components.

[via Digitimes]

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