ASUS plans to release a standalone VR headset later this year


Yesterday, we saw a report claiming that HTC was planning on releasing a standalone VR headset, similar to the HTC Vive for mobile devices. Today, it seems that ASUS is looking to do the same, but will be a bit different from the norm.

The ASUS AIO VR is an all-in-one headset, meaning that you won’t be required to insert your phone in order to experience VR. The AIO VR contains all the necessary components in order to get a VR experience, without the need to kill the battery on your smartphone of choice.

The latest rumors don’t mention what kind of components will be included, but we were graced with a render of what the AIO VR will look like. Right away, it looks similar to that of Google’s Daydream View VR headset, which launched alongside the Pixel and Pixel XL.

However, with the Daydream View, you are obviously required to insert your Daydream-compatible device. If ASUS manages to bring the AIO VR to the market without needing a smartphone, this would definitely be a welcome change. Let’s just hope it doesn’t require a slew of different cables in order to be used.



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