Snapchat CEO confirms improvements for Android are coming


Anyone who has used both the iOS and Android versions of Snapchat can tell you there’s a marked difference between performance for the two apps. In fact, Snap Inc.’s recent IPO filing revealed that the company is well aware of the disparity between the two apps and that should iOS stop being the majority of the company’s users, they could be in for a bad time.

That’s likely why CEO Evan Spiegel is so concerned about the app’s reputation on Android. As his company nears its IPO and propulsion into being a publicly traded company, there’s no reason for the Android version of Snapchat to be what feels like lightyears behind its iOS counterpart.

In an exchange on reddit last year, Spiegel promised that “significant Android performance improvements” would follow through to the end of the year. Another post at the end of January in response to a user complaining about the buggy app asked for more information about the device. Hopefully this means we’ll see improvements in the Android version of the app, especially before the company goes public.
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