Samsung nearly doubles first batch of Galaxy S8 shipments

The Samsung Galaxy S8 isn’t even official yet, but apparently, Samsung is planning to ship a lot of devices. A new report out of Korea claims that Samsung has nearly doubled the first shipment figure compared to last year. It’s up 40% from 12 million to 16.8 million. Samsung is also shooting for a sales goal of 60 million units, compared to 48 million for the Galaxy S7.

It’s no surprise that Samsung is making a big push for the Galaxy S8. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle is still fresh in everyone’s minds, and for many people, it has left a bad taste in their mouths regarding Samsung. The Galaxy S8 has to be a hit if Samsung wants to put that mess behind them. They will be pulling out all the stops to make the Galaxy S8 a success.

Samsung won’t be at Mobile World Congress at the end of this month, but we’re expecting an event at the end of March. It’s widely assumed that Samsung will have two new phones to launch. Are you excited about the Galaxy S8?

[via The Investor]