Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 battery supplier’s factory caught fire


The headlines in the latter portion of 2016 were dominated by Samsung and the faulty Galaxy Note 7. The device was found to be faulty due to batteries which were initially supplied by Samsung SDI. In a strange turn of events, the Samsung SDI factory caught fire yesterday, with authorities claiming that the culprit were lithium-ion batteries and semi-manufactured battery products.

According to initial reports, the fire was “minor” and was “quickly put out”. However, there is footage of black smoke emitting from the plumes, which may suggest the fire was a bit larger.

It also turns out that the fire was found at Samsung SDI’s waste depository, and did not affect production. It’s entirely possible that due to the sheer number of batteries produced, the faulty batteries were still on the premises and caught fire somehow.

Luckily, no one was injured in the fire, but it’s still an interesting aspect of the Galaxy Note 7 saga that has been brought back into focus. It’s also important to note that Samsung SDI has been tapped to manufacture the batteries for the Galaxy S8.

[South China Morning Post]


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