Hater dating app finds you matches based on mutual hate for things


Dating apps are a dime a dozen these days, most offering some unique gimmick to draw in users. For instance, apps like Bumble allow only women to make first contact with prospective matches, while Coffee Meets Bagel has expiring chat rooms. The thing is, most all of them involve choosing general interests — that is, things you love —  in order to match you up with people who share your enthusiasm.

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We know, you love music, ice cream, long walks on the beach, and puppies — who doesn’t it? So what happens when you match with someone only to find out they don’t share your same hate for things? Whether you can’t stand iPhone users, our current President, or hipsters, it might be equally important to find someone who hates the same things you do. That’s where Hater comes in.

Upon signing up, the app gets a feel for the user by figuring out what they hate. Everything from cat calling, political posts on Facebook, food diggers, mornings, or maybe even organized religion — these are some of the things that the app could ask you about, giving the user the ability to swipe their level of disdain for these topics. You can see the percentage of users who also picked the same mid-swipe, which could influence someone’s picks, but just try to be as honest as possible.

There’s still a profile page that shows you everything you’ve liked/disliked — along with recent photos pulled from Facebook — and you can check out the profiles of prospective matches as well. Choosing matches is done the same way as Tinder (swipe to the right to like, to the left to pass) but remember: matches are only chosen based on your hate interests.

Right now, the Hater app is only available in beta form on iOS, with Hater telling us that an Android version will be released sometime this spring.

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