Newest SHIELD TV remote features same design, different features


NVIDIA took the wraps off a new version of its SHIELD TV box at CES 2017, showcasing a reworked game controller accessory and a much smaller footprint for the size of the box. What hasn’t changed is the thin remote that NVIDIA ships with the box itself.

The original SHIELD TV bundle didn’t include the remote, so the fact NVIDIA has chosen to include it this time around says a lot. The remote is a bit different in design this time, eschewing the microUSB-rechargeable lithium-ion battery for coin cells that need to be replaced. It also doesn’t feature a headphone jack, but it does include an IR blaster which the first generation lacked.

Overall, not much has changed with the SHIELD TV box itself aside from the smaller footprint and this new remote, but it’s worth noting the differences between the two generations if you happen to prefer a rechargeable remote that connects via Bluetooth versus one with batteries you’ll have to replace and an IR blaster included instead.

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